The Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil 


Extra virgin olive oil from Lecciole Farm is obtained from the pressing of quality Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino. The olives are hand-harvested between October and November and crushed immediately: thus the extra virgin Tuscan olive oil of the Lecciole Farmhouse was born, fruity and characterized by a slight taste of artichoke and an almond aftertaste. The oil produced on the estate is immediately recognizable for its intense green color. The olive oil is available in bottles (750, 500, 250 ml)  and cans (500, 250, 100 ml).

Do you need some advice on how to use our olive oil in the best way? It goes perfectly with meat, fish and all the main Tuscan dishes such as soups, soups with beans and croutons.

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