Il Pezzatino offers bed and breakfast rooms
and apartments to rent on Tuscan hills near Florence

This plot of land has been inhabited by peasant, animals and planted with vineyards and olive trees for a long time, and now it has been converted in its original magnificence again in order to discover some tastes, flavours and pleasant sensations.

We have newly restored the lodgings of the old estate to open in the Sieve Valley the Pezzatino Agritourism, which has been keeping the relationship with the history of the farm and the local eno-gastronomic tradition.

Agriturismo Il Pezzatino, in the heart of Chianti Rufina and Val di Sieve, is ideal for your holidays in Tuscany and it offers bed and breakfast rooms and apartments to rent on Tuscan hills near Florence.

Il Pezzatino is located in a strategic position close to Florence and the main art sites in Tuscany. The Farmhouse produces and sells Tuscan DOP wine and olive oil, with protected designation of origin.

Feeling at Home

“…I could describe my house with just these few lines. But perhaps I would not be able to convey the atmosphere that we breathe in here in our home, at Agriturismo Il Pezzatino, which has been the home of my family since 1960.

Let’s start from the beginning. My name is Alessandra and my family runs a small country estate in the hills of Chianti, in Rufina. Around the beautiful manor house, where I live, lies the farm estate with the great manor of the landlord, which for years was enlivened by the peasants at work among vineyards and olive trees, olive presses, harvests and livestock.”

“Just close your eyes and you can still smell the bread baked in a wood oven, soups and stews prepared in the large kitchens of the house. The descent into the cellars, still used for tasting wine and typical products, recalls the traditions associated with the production of Tuscan wine and olive oil. The years have passed and the old farmhouse has ceased to be the home of the landlord, although remaining the heart of the entire family estate.

So, inside it I decided to create an agriturismo, renovating the house in line with the furnishings and finishes of the Tuscan rural tradition. The result is right before your eyes: I’m here waiting for you at Agriturismo Il Pezzatino where you can get in touch with nature, life and the gastronomic traditions of Tuscany.