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The Panzanella recipe



In our large farmhouse dining room complete with its oak table, traditional style benches and large fireplace our guests can enjoy dinner, our menu is based on typical plates from Tuscany made from traditional recipes, seasoned with our own extra Virgin Olive Oil and accompanied by Wines produced in our own vineyards.


When its hot out, as it is at the moment guests like to eat fresh foods, understandably. That why Panzanella is a typical summer dish classic discount pack online of the fiorentina people.


To prepare, you just need to make sure you have unsalted bread that is at least a week old, after leave it to soak in water then Mix together fresh ingredients like fresh chopped tomatoes, cucumber, a red onion finely chopped, basil, pepper balsamic vinegar and Olive Oil.
Traditionally it would have been enjoyed with a light young wine made from the grapes that were left over in the vineyard after the wine was pressed, a very watery wine called Piquette or watercolor.
Nowerdays it is usually served with a red wine that is young and light such as our Chianti Rufina “Pezzatino” 2011.